When it comes to making the home you live in look and feel brand new, few things are as effective as slapping down a fresh coat of paint. But it can be so hard to find reliable painting contractors in Florida that do the job right the first time.

At Boro Building & Property Maintenance Painting Division, we’ve been operating as a family-run business right here in the Sunshine State for over 25 years. That’s why we’re the number one choice in Venice for interior and exterior painting jobs big or small.

Save Yourself the Aches and Pains

Many people think that painting is an easy job. The thought of saving a few dollars by purchasing paint and some rollers is tempting to many Floridian homeowners. But did you know that without the proper experience that residential painting contractors get every day on the job, painting can take a serious toll on your body?

That’s right. Many of us aren’t the spring chickens we once were, and all of that bending and lifting and stepping onto ladders isn’t risk-free.

When you trust the exterior paint work to local painters, you lessen the chance you’ll get aches and sprains and save yourself a weekend or more of hard labor. All of our employees are trained according to our expert standards, and with 25 years in business, you know those standards come from practical experience. Upholding the highest quality work while also maintaining good health and safety practices is what we do at Boro Building & Property Maintenance Painting Division, and we take pride in our work as residential painting contractors.

Schedule Ahead for Minimum Interruptions

Doing your interior paint job yourself isn’t only a lot of work, but it also is extremely disruptive. It’s hard to just put your lives on hold for several days or even weeks while the house gets painted.

When you hire painting contractors to do the job, we can come in while your family is at work and your kids are at school and leave when you arrive, or we can work straight through until the job is done (depending on the size of your interior paint project).

Exterior Paint Makes for a Fresh Look

Humans are visual creatures, for better or worse. That’s why there’s no more important factor in your home’s curb appeal than the exterior paint on its siding and walls.

Exterior painting is a more delicate and complex art than interior painting. Often, it requires use of special ladders or equipment. And a mistake can take hours to fix.

When you want to update your home’s exterior—perhaps in preparation for having appraisers or potential buyers visit—don’t risk doing a botch job. Boro Building & Property Maintenance Painting Division is your go-to name for the best interior and exterior painting statewide.

Call Us Today

We’re proud of our business and the care and precision we bring to every job. That’s why we offer free no-obligation estimates to every potential customer—we know the quality of our portfolio speaks for itself! Contact us today!

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